IOP Cistern Project

Ilula Orphan Program provides education and care for over 1200 HIV Aids orphans in the Kilolo District of Tanzania.  Student sponsorships from 16 countries are providing for this education and care through IOP’s orphanage and Foster Family Program.

Clean water is a valuable resource the world over. Every community is concerned about possessing an abundance of clean water. Inadequate, unclean, and unsafe water supplies are normal for most communities in Developing Nations. Four years ago a well with clean fresh water was completed and now provides an abundance of clean water for the Orphan Center.  

IOP continues to expand. We have experienced the need for clean water in a newer section of the orphanage property. The Guest House, the Internet Cafe, and the shops along the highway do not have access to clean water. We are planning to construct a cistern to meet the water needs of the newly constructed buildings.  

A 20,000 gallon capacity below ground cistern will provide an adequate amount of clean safe water. The project will require about 25,000 bricks with gravel, sand, and cement to make the concrete. Fine sand will be needed for plastering the inside walls. In addition we will need guttering, down spouts, and appropriate piping to transport the rain water to the cistern from each of the buildings. A pump and water lines will be needed to get the water from the cistern to the Guest House and other buildings.

 The estimated cost for the construction of the cistern, guttering, pump, and water lines is estimated at $11,000.

 We are thankful for your previous prayers and support for the Ilula Orphan Program. Your contributions to assist in the construction of this clean water source for the guests, workers, and vulnerable orphan children is greatly appreciated.

Contributions for this new water project can be sent to

Emerging Mission Mnistries, PO Box 116, Fort Branch, IN  47648



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