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Ilula Orphan Program ~ A Christian outreach program to provide education for children in the Ilula ward of Tanzania, East Africa.

The program was started in 1998 by Berit Skaare when she promised to help an orphaned boy continue school. Since the program began over 1500 students have received or are receiving educations through the help of IOP. The students' school fees are provided by sponsors in Italy, France, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Australia, England, Canada, Scotland, Ecuador, United States, Belgium, and Tanzania.

Ilula Orphan Program includes the Student Sponsor Project which provides for a pre-school program for toddlers, Lord's Hill High School, and school fees for students from primary through university, Trade House which includes a carpenter center, leather center and sewing center, Farming Operations, Annual Pastor's Seminar, an Orphan Center that has a capacity of 80 girls, a girl guides (scouting) program, a women's business association, educational promotions for HIV Aids awareness and testing, support for foster parents of orphans, Bite Cafe, stores, artemesia project to defeat Malaria, clean water project, United Methodist Church, computer class, YWCA, and a dried food processing center.

IOP includes over 1000 acres from which corn, tomatoes, sun flowers, and feed for the cattle, goats, pigs, and chickens is produced. A huge gardening effort provides food for the orphanage. Artemesia is a new farm project. A tea is produced from the artemesia plant which is said to prevent malaria when consumed on a regular basis. The infrastructure around the orphanage program provides income for the families of 67 workers and living assistance for nearly as many volunteers. The daily per capita income of people living in this area is less than the equivalent of 48 cents per day. Without assistance the community could not meet the needs of these most vulnerable children.

Accomplishments through faith by missionary, Berit Skaare are astounding. Government officials in the Kilolo-Iringa area of Tanzania are impressed because of the care given the orphans. Over 1,500 orphans have food, clothes, and shelter either in the orphanage or in foster families. Children receive assistance regardless of their religious beliefs. Many are Christian, some are Muslim, and a few are of various tribal religions. In a recent communication I have learned that there may be as many as 500 more orphans needing assistance in this coming year.

Tanesco brought electricity to the Orphan Center in 2010. The electricity was uncertain with long periods of brown outs. In 2012, a German volunteer in mission team erected electricity producing solar panels at the Orphan Center. The solar panels provide the bulk of electrical needs for the Orphan Center.

Sponsors in Europe raised funds for a new high school in Ilula. High school in Tanzania is 2 years of specialized study. In order to attend school students must pay school fees and pass national exams. Primary school is for those in grades 1 through 7.

Secondary School is for students in grades 8-11, and is available for those who can afford the fees and pass the National Exam. English is taught as a second language to students who qualify for secondary school, grades 8-11. In order to attend high school, students must relocate to the school that specializes in their chosen area of study. Student sponsorships are available for the orphans.

Girl Guides in Norway provided $20,000 to drill a well. Water was reached at 48 meters on August 4, 2007. Prayers of thanksgiving were voiced to heaven and celebrations of praise were sounded around the world. A new kitchen, a library, a welding shop, an internet cafe, a restaurant, a United Methodist Church, and a storage building are under various phases of construction.

In addition to all the mission efforts to care and provide for the orphans, a United Methodist Church has been planted and meets in a school classroom. In the 30x30 foot classroom, some eighty people attend worship. With melodious clapping of hands, a stick, and a drum, their music exceeds many of our western attempts at worshipful music. Prayer-evangelism is in place and new disciples for the transformation of the world are being made for Jesus Christ.

The lives of the people of Ilula are changed because of the impact of Jesus Christ through the Ilula Orphan Program. We would like to assist with the construction of the new Ilula United Methodist Church. Through previous appeals and special offerings we have raised about $12,000. A five acre plot of property has been designated for the church building. The new church can be constructed for about $62,000. Those who have visited the orphanage, worshiped in the classroom, and met the people in the congregation are witnesses to power of changed lives. The church Building Project is an Advance project. Please send church building funds to your United Methodist Conference treasurer and specify the "Ilula Church Building Project #15159", or you may send the funds to EMM as indicated at the bottom of this page.

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