Philippines Biao United Methodist Church Negros Occidental, Philippines

Emerging Mission Ministries established the Biao United Methodist Church in April 2010. We planned the new church project with Bishop Leo Soriano. Members of our team traveled to Biao, met with the local people, planned accommodations, and received permission from the local government officials one year in advance.

Our team consisted of both American and Filipino pastors and Vacation Bible School teachers, a Filipino Music Team, and a Philippine cooking crew for meal preparation. We had daily morning Vacation Bible School and evening worship praise with about 100 children in attendance.

During the evenings the Praise Team led singing and one of the pastors preached. Over 300 people attended our last evening worship service. The Rev July Yanquas has been appointed pastor, property has been purchased, a new building is in the planning stages. Today there are more than 40 members of the Biao United Methodist Church.

Our next Philippine Mission trip will be in July 2014. Our agenda will consist of medical, evangelism, and church construction. Some medical professionals are being invited to join our team to provide medical check ups and encourage healthy living choices for the people of Biao.

For more information please contact me at EMAIL ME or call me at 812-536-2332. You can also visit the Philippine Missions Blog which is chronicalling this mission step-by-step.

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