General Information
Jesus said it: Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations….Preach good news to the poor....Set at liberty the oppressed....Feed the hungry

Paul did it: I will visit you after passing through Macedonia…I planted, Apollos watered, God gave the increase....Present your bodies a living sacrifice

John Wesley proclaimed it: The world is my parish.

The World demands it: Millions of homeless....Thousands die daily from hunger and malnutrition related illnesses....War....Hatred....Greed....Violence....Crime....Disease....Abuse....Refugees

General Role: The link between the need for mission in the world and the local congregation.

Specific Role: Enhance the mission of the local church to your community and communities beyond.

Job Description

Training – Attend training events scheduled by your church leadership. Try to visit a mission work site or project to enhance your understanding of mission work. Read mission books, journals, and articles. Obtain videos and teaching materials to share with church classes and small groups. Make a missions bulletin board and/or a mission display to relate and celebrate mission happenings. Ask your pastor for a copy of the basic manual describing the tasks of the local church’s mission leader. Consult web sites to learn about missionaries, projects, and programs needing support.

Mission Committee

You are the chairperson. Don’t do all the work yourself. Learn to delegate tasks to other committee members. Meet regularly. Evaluate your present mission activity. Set goals for your program. List needs, weaknesses, and problems. Establish a slogan or theme for your church’s mission program. Consult with your pastor. Include the pastor’s ideas and suggestions in your program. Include representation from the Men's group, Women's Group, Youth Group, Church and Society, Health and Welfare, Christian Unity and Inclusiveness as well as age level coordinators on your committee.
If you are a chairperson without a committee to assist you, seek to have the Administrative Council or a leadership board to help you evaluate the mission program and plan the mission task. Plan a three year mission program. Hold at least one major event each year.

  1. Missions conference or Missions fair
  2. Missionary speaker
  3. Visit a mission work site or mission project
  4. Volunteer for a mission project.

Brainstorm ideas that have been successful in other churches. Discover ways for your congregation to increase support for missions.

Mission Task

One of your goals is to increase mission awareness in your congregation. Be sure to fulfill financial obligations to general church mission agencies. Consider sharing the support of a missionary. Consider supporting mission projects both in the local community and the global community. Let your mission scope be both across the street and around the world. In every possible arena share information about the mission of the church, the top priority mission needs, and the availability of mission speakers.

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